Hold your hand over your mouth like a mask and exhale....SMELLS BAD?


Breath odor affects everyone at some point.General bad breath can be categorized as halitosis.Odor can come from the mouth, teeth, or as a result of an underlying health problem.Bad breath odor can be a temporary problem or a chronic condition.
Although bad breath is often caused by oral problems, other bad breath causes are associated with other health problems. And bad breath can be a sign of serious disease.
5-10% of bad breath causes are due to disease outside the mouth. That’s 2-5 million people whose bodies are warning them of a serious problem.
90% of bad breath comes from proteins broken down in your mouth. When bad breath is caused by oral problems, it usually smells like rotten eggs.More rarely, dental bad breath can be a fecal odor like odor from the gums or the top of the tongue.
Given below are some mouth odors ,which can help you to distinguish various disease. 
  • A cheesy smell usually indicates your bad breath has a nasal origin.
  • fruity smell may indicate uncontrolled diabetes due to increased
  • fishy smell may indicate kidney disease, as increased urea levels can cause a fishy smell such as in  (trimethylaminuria)
  • An acidic smell can be a sign of asthma or cystic fibrosis
  • scent of ammonia can indicate kidney problems
  • A sweet, musty odor may signal liver cirrhosis
  • A fecal odor may point to a bowel obstruction
Bad Breath Causes due to oral problems:
  • Tooth Decay Smell and Cavities
  • Failed dental restorations
  • Gum disease
  • Tongue Coating
  • Dry mouth or low saliva  
  • Oral Cancer
OBESITY…Did you know that studies have shown that obese people are more likely to have mouth odor…this is because in the guts of obese people, there are certain extra micro organisms which produce a certain distinctive gas that causes bad breath. One more good reason why you need to lose weight!
GETTING OLDER: believe it or not, each year you get older, your breath unfortunately tends to get worse. This is because you salivary glands produce less saliva as the years go by.
Generally, in addition to brushing twice a day, also adapt other mechanisms to prevent bad breath like using sugar free gums and drinking a lot of water…excellent way to avoid mouth odor because they encourage saliva production.


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